5 Cycling Gears To Have For a Happy & Safe Ride

Planning to become a cyclist soon? Good for you! Whether it's for commute, leisure, or exercise, being out on the open road and riding a bike will definitely give you miles and miles of fun. But before you set off, there are a few essential pieces of equipment that you want to have ready.

This list simplifies the process of building up your gear collection by explaining the essentials. You'll have more fun and be ready to go on long-distance adventures, jump in group rides, or conquer your daily commute. This is the gear every road cyclist needs to keep in their closet.


cycling helmet as a cycling essential for safety

Safety comes first, followed by fun. Thus, a good cycling helmet should always be your first purchase. Studies show that the use of a cycling helmet reduces the odds of head injury by 50 percent, and the odds of head, face, or neck injury by 33 percent.

While we'd love to never fall off our bikes, sometimes you can't control everything that happens on the road. If the worst happens, a helmet can save your head and even your life. Modern helmets, like the one shown in picture above, are lighter, well-ventilated, safer, and better looking than ever, keeping you cool, comfortable and will give you peace of mind. There’s no reason not to wear one.



cycling bib shorts as a cycling essential for a comfortable road bike ride

A pro-like Cycling Kit consists of two pieces — a cycling jersey and bib shorts. Though not always made of lycra material, many riders will also refer to cycling kits as “lycra.” Almost everyone from professional cyclists to casual weekend riders wear a cycling kit because they are light, breathable, and designed for hard pedaling. Kits are also made of synthetic materials that dry quickly and stretch to move with you on the bike.

Those new to cycling might be intimidated by the snug fit of cycling kits, but rest assured, there shouldn't be excess factors that can get in the way, rub moving parts, snag parts of your bike, or flap in the wind when you wear a cycling kit. Overall, a cycling kit is the ideal apparel that will make you feel light and easygoing when pedaling, as if it is a natural part of your body.

If you’re more self-conscious about riding in a snug kit, you can always go for regular shorts or cycling shorts with a jersey.



cycling shoes with maximum transfer as a cycling essential that a biker must have in his bike rides

If you’re still a newbie, you can probably use your rubber shoes (for now). Cycling shoes are specially designed for comfort, power transfer, and safety. 

Look for cycling shoes that have stiff soles so that it doesn’t flex under high forces. This means that each time you pump your legs, the energy you generate is transferred properly to your pedals; thus, no work is wasted. 

Most cycling shoes also have “cleats” attached to what we call “clipless pedals.” You can clip into these pedals, which secure your foot to the pedals and allow you to remain firmly attached to your bike pedal.

Wearing the proper cycling shoes during your ride reduces the risk of your foot of sudden slipping, which can result in a crash or a bleeding shin.



cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses a cycling essential that a cyclist must have in every ride

While riding, sunglasses not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but also from dust, bugs, and other debris kicked up by cars and bikes. Also, due to the speed of road cycling, your eyes can get dried-out and irritated without glasses.

More sunglasses in the market now offer convenient features like interchangeable lenses for different light conditions, and a tight, sporty fit so they stay put. So make sure to get one that is not only with style, but also that is practical.

Cycling Gear Tip: Your sunglasses should stay firmly on your nose, not hit your cheekbones and aren’t too snug around the sides of your head.



cycling gloves with gel pad as cycling essential that a cyclist should always have

Your hands are one of the main contact points with your bike. Make that connection comfortable and secure with a pair of cycling gloves. They’ll protect your hands in case of a crash and will provide some cushion to help alleviate pressure points on longer rides.

Cycling-specific gloves will provide more grip and control, especially with sweaty hands. Most riders choose to ride in cooler fingerless gloves during the hot months and warmer full-finger or thermal gloves in the cold months. The backside of cycling gloves are breathable and often have an absorbent wipe around the thumb useful for wiping off sweat or your nose.

Some gloves feature gel inserts on the palms to relieve pressure and increase comfort. This can be useful for riders with hand pain, numbness issues, or anyone doing long rides on rough roads. Gel inserts aren't for everyone, so you might have to experiment with different glove options to find the right pair.


To sum everything up, always remember that a good riding gear is essential to your happy and safe cycling experience. Proper cycling apparel is designed to make riding more pleasantly by keeping you cool and comfortable for long stints in the saddle while certain gear can enhance your performance, letting you go faster and farther.

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