Top Running Gears Every Runner Should Have

Running is not just a sport, we do it to keep our health, lose weight and be fit. To achieve these goals you need some gears. Although running requires lesser equipment compared to other sports or exercises, there are still a few accessories that you need to pick up to make your run a lot more comfortable and effective.

Whether you’re a newbie runner searching for the basic essentials to start with or a seasoned pro who wants an update on a few things, here is the list of the top running gears you should have. 

1. The Right Running Shoes

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First and foremost, a pair of comfy and durable running shoes is absolutely  essential for your whole running experience. You will never regret investing in the right running shoes, even if they are a little expensive. By choosing the right running shoes, you can get the right cushioning and stability that can help you avoid running-related injuries. Never buy shoes designed for another sport, and make sure you get it from a legit sports shop.

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2. Sports Watch

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Having a sports watch during your run sessions will help you monitor your pace, lap times, and splits. Some smart watch models also enable you to monitor your heart rate, ECG and blood pressure so you can create a more customized training plan. 

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3. Dry-Fit Shirts

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Cotton shirts become heavy and damp when you perspire, while dry-fit shirts remain lightweight, cool, and comfortable. These also keep sweat away from your skin. Dry-shirts are not just for running, but can also be used for cycling and other outdoor activities.

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4. Athletic Shorts with Pockets

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Athletic shorts can boost our workout performance. Always choose those that are breathable, lightweight and elastic so that you can exert movements freely as you run and jog. One thing to look out for as well is if it has convenient pockets for the little things you bring outdoors such as your mobile phone, keys, earphones, and etc. 

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5. A High Performance Sports Bra For The Ladies

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Ladies, continuous and repetitive physical movements can result in soreness, pain and sagging to your breasts. A good sports bra can reduce the breast movement by as much as 60 percent. There are different types of sports bra with various types of straps as well. Choose those that are breathable with comfy material. Most newer sports bras also use high-tech fabrics, including moisture wicking. This can improve breathability and help remove excess moisture from sweat which can cause chafing.

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6. Cap or Visor

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This will give you added protection from the sun’s harmful rays. A cap or a visor can also keep your hair away from your eyes so you don’t have to squint under the sun.

This can also be an additional fashion piece to your running presence.

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All in all, Running is not just about running, it's also about your state of mind. Having the proper running gears helps to elevate your whole running experience. We hope this list of top running gears helps you get on your feet for your best run!

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